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About Us

Strong Weimaraners home is a division of Sun Colors Ranch LLC. We focus on decades proven, healthy, true to origination of the breed bloodlines. We have imported many dogs from several different countries because we will go far and wide to get what we find to be the most inclusive of this model. 
Our Weimaraners are loyal, athletic, and have the natural instincts for hunting dogs and also make superb companions. Our dogs are used for a variety of hunting, upland field work and testing, show, and are loved family companions. They all have multiple accomplishments and well proven bloodlines in both health, conformation and natural hunting ability.
We continually participate in training days, test events, shows and other programs within AKC, UKC, WCA, NAVHDA, Barn Hunt, and IABCA.
We take great care in placing our puppies in fabulous FOREVER homes. We are genuinely interested in where our puppies go and how they are doing as they grow and become a member of a new family. Therefore, we have an application process, very high expectations of care and commitment and a very detailed agreement provided with each pup. Competition vs companion is not an issue with us what IS expected is an appropriate forever loving home.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like to share great Weimaraner stories. 
A Dog is for Life

We carefully select our Weimaraner breeding stock based on through health tests, hips and elbow evaluations, temperament, & conformation.