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Our Adoption Process:​
The cost of one of our puppies ranges from $650. We require a deposit of $200 to hold your puppy. Your final payment is due when your puppy is 10 weeks old.
STRONG WEIMARANER HOME reserves the right to release your spot on the reservation list if payment is not received on time.
Submit the contact form and let us know which of our dogs you are interested in. After visiting our available puppies page, I will contact you via email or phone to ask any further questions and/or to let you know your application has been approved.
When new puppies are born, you will receive a birth announcement along with a picture of the litter. 
You will receive updates with new photos of the puppies every 2 weeks.
Puppies will be assigned to their forever families at 9 weeks of age, and are able to go home
at 11 weeks of age. Please keep in mind that it is in Mother Nature’s hands to determine gender,
color, and coat of your future puppy. Although we will do our very best to provide you with the
puppy of your dreams and match your preferences, this may not always be possible. In the event
that you are offered a puppy that does not meet your wishes, your deposit will be rolled over to the next available similar litter.
Pick up dates will be given and are usually when puppies are between 8 and 9 weeks old.  If we are shipping puppy to you that date may vary a bit.  If you miss the scheduled pick up date there is a charge of $25 per day.  We are just not set up to have litters past 9 weeks of age. ​
Shipping is available within the Continental U.S. and Canada, We are happy to make all the flight arrangement and will ensure your puppy has everything necessary to make the flight. Arrangements can also be made to meet you at the airport. *Shipping is not included in the puppy price.  
As a health measure and safety precaution for our pups and moms, our home is not open to the
general public for visits. If you have a confirmed reservation on an  upcoming litter, you  will have the opportunity to meet our parent dogs (that live here) at our home when you pick up your puppy
on puppy pick up day, when your puppy is nine weeks of age!
Thanks for understanding!
Price Includes:
  Veterinary Health Check
  4 Generation pedigree 
  Registration with ALAA
  First round puppy shots 
  Microchip ID & Registration form from Home Again
  ​One year-long genetic health guarantee
  Puppy collar and leash
  Chew toy
  Soft toy
  Blanket with mothers scent
  A sample of the food puppy has been eating
  ​ Bag of treats
  Doggee pickup bags and Holder
  bully stick
  And a lifetime of support.
Q: How is a  puppy SHIPPED? 
A: Ship by Airlines
Shipping is available to all U.S. destinations & Canada . Shipping charges vary depending upon location. Shipping costs include air fare, the puppy’s shipping crate (pet taxi), vet health certificate and a puppy care packet. The packet includes a bag of the puppy food that he/she is accustomed to and puppy care information. Delivery is typically counter to counter service. Puppies will travel in a pressurized compartment that’s temperature controlled. The cost of shipping by airlines is $110.00 – $200.00 depending on destination and airlines.
- Ship by Specialized Ground Service
You also have the option of having your puppy delivered by van right to your doorstep using a Pet Transport service that delivers to all destinations in the continental U.S. Cost for this service varies for distance and location. This is the most expensive of the two ways to get your puppy delivered.
Q: Is shipping really safe for the puppy?
A: Shipping a puppy by itself to a new location always sounds cruel and embarrassing, but actually it is not esp with based USA airlines. With my many years of shipping experience, I know for a fact that all of the pups are well taken care of. So if you stop and think about it, the airlines are not going to mistreat the puppy(s) for fear of lawsuit and customer dissatisfaction. 
I tape puppy(s) food and feeding instructions to the top of the crate and put frozen water in the crate, so it will gradually thaw out for the puppy(s) and the puppies are offered food along the ride. The average flight is approximately 4 to 7 hours. I always ask about any delays or layovers and know the exact times and departures of the flights, so I know where the pup is and am able to give you the information as well. The pup will arrive the same day as it is sent usually a few hours. I have a big fluffy bed of shredded newspapers in the crate for the puppy(s) to nestle in and usually a pig’s ear chew (they love them), and a toy or sock with my scent on it to help the pup feel secure
Q: What about shipping in the winter is it not too cold?
A: If you decide on a puppy, We will guarantee as we have for yrs that he/she will arrive safe and sound. Puppies can be shipped safely between 20 and 85 degrees–AA rules. All puppies ride in the belly of the plane where the temperature is kept at a comfortable 70 degrees same as for the passengers and they are the last on and first off the plane. Shipping during this time of year is completely safe and there is no problem so we need not to be afraid about that. Just like a person getting on a flight to go meet their relatives and/or friends for the holidays, shipping a puppy is very similar and probably even a little easier. The only thing different about this time of year is that the airlines can be strict on the minimum temperature at each location (which is really good for the puppy(s) even though the plane is always kept at 70 degrees. We believe it is mainly for their liability and protection. Likewise, in the summertime–they will not ship if temperatures are too hot along the way. If this is the case, we will just wait for the next best day to ship or ship earlier or later in the day to combat the hot/cold part of the day.
NB *
Q: Can i travel to pick up my puppy?
A: Yes, you are always welcome to travel over to pick up your puppy after purchase and usually traveling with your puppy in most Airlines requires no additional fee for flying with a puppy apart from personal flight fee. Nevertheless, Some Airlines demand an extra fee anyway.
Q: I just pick up my dog from the Airport. Does she needs a Vaccines?
A. Do not give your new puppy any vaccines within the first 14 days of arrival. Your new puppy is all up to date on shots before living our home and will not need a vaccine for at least weeks. Many Vets will attempt to issue a vaccine so that they can make additional money.Do not get any vaccine on your first Vet visit as the puppy will need time to adjust and you do not need any additional stress on him or her !!!
* Nevertheless, when you pick up your puppy, it is necessary to go for a Vet check in not less than 48 hours after you received your puppy for general check-up and in case of any health problems, we will be responsible for either giving you a new puppy or refund your payment if no other puppy is available at the moment
Q: Any recommendations on which VET to use?
A. Usually small-town vets are best. Word gets around small towns very quickly & if a vet has bad practices… small towns will talk Usually (not always) small town vets are more inexpensive as well. Also Try to search for a vet in your area & see reviews of consumers in your area as well. IMPORTANT DO NOT USE BANFIELD HOSPITALS (AS PART OF PETS MART CHAIN STORES) NOR VCA HOSPITALS. Your warranty will be void if you take your new one to Banfield or VCA. We’ve seen too many misdiagnosis, over medicated, & EXTREMELY HIGH VET BILLS. These two clinics are in it for the money!

After the training, you will be able to

​We have had Weims since 2003 and have enjoyed many in our life, all have been individually special.

The Weimaraner received American Kennel Club recognition in 1943
​We are available to our puppy homes and offer advice, training ideas, and always willing to help where we can.

If there is certain puppies that you would like more pictures 
of just let me know the number of the puppy and I will be glad to e-mail more pictures for you.